The requirements of an electroplating company for an ERP system vary considerably depending on the customer group. Each industry is different: the fittings industry with bulk material or the automotive, aviation and medical technology industries with high quality and standard specifications.


  • Structures the entire operating process from receiving and production planning to QM and invoicing
  • Requires low administrative burden
  • Creates documents that are immediately available
    (offers, order confirmation, commission orders, operating orders,
    individual and collective delivery notes, invoices, reminders, goods tags,
    VDA4902 labels, initial sample inspection reports (ISIR) and test protocols)

The central task of OMNITEC is to ensure the close integration of master data administration and production planning. All data relevant for electroplating such as processes, standards and QA regulations, packaging material data, empties management or storage requirements are taken into account from the outset. This guarantees that production can run smoothly and thus quickly.

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Demo request 

  • Softec AG


    We especially appreciate the innovative program developments and the excellent support.

    August Schröder GmbH & Co.KGMatthias Jurczyk, plant manager

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  • Softec AG


    Our company makes use of the time of the economic crisis in order to strengthen our position on the market. Now we have the freedom to adapt processes and procedures in such a way that we become even more powerful, faster and more efficient.

    Galvanotechnik J. Holzapfel GmbHJens Holzapfel, managing director

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  • Softec AG


    OMNITEC is the SAP for surface finishing companies.

    Schweizer Galvanotechnic GmbH & Co. KGAlexander Schweizer, managing director

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  • Softec AG


    Yesterday it was confirmed again that we made a good decision choosing SOFTEC. Especially when extensions or adaptions are pending, such as the current adaption of our software for sending our outgoing mail digitally via E-Post business post – SOFTEC acted as quickly as during the implementation of OMNITEC.

    S.P.T. surface plating technology GmbHMarco Näser, head of internal purchasing & sales

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  • Softec AG


    The professional introduction of the program immediately confirmed that with Softec we had chosen a competent partner. Thank you very much for your commitment.

    Dörrer AG MetallveredelungMartin Dörrer, commercial management

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  • Softec AG


    Thank you very much for the great cooperation. We appreciate working with a software company where everything is right for us. Starting with the presentation of the program OMNITEC, the consultation with the hardware acquisition, the program training, of course the program up to (and this is very important for us) the SUPPORT.

    Lücke Metallveredelungs-GmbH

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  • Softec AG


    For me, the optimization of our IT landscape is not a straightforward topic, but an ongoing process that requires a reliable partner. Softec has recognized this and allows with its modular system a step-by-step expansion. If you have any questions, competent contact persons are at your disposal. This is what I understand by a trusting, long-term partnership.

    MVN Metallveredlung Neuhaus GmbHDr. Michael Geitner, managing director

    7 / 8

  • Softec AG


    In contrast to other ERP providers, the costs for software and support are also bearable for small and medium-sized enterprises, which was ultimately also substantial for the choice of OMNITEC.

    Winkelhausen AG Hartverchromung
    Simon Winkelhausen, managing director

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Precise calculation of manufacturing costs

  • Costs per barrel/per rack
  • Production figures (max. area/max. volume per barrel/rack)
  • Key figures of articles (piece weight, geometry, volume of the workpiece)
  • Coating figures (for the deposited metal and the efficiency of the bath)

Flexible pricing system for every customer

  • Calculation of inclusive and graduated prices, minimum order values, surcharges, customer-specific discounts

Shorter lead times due to optimized processes

  • Automatic planning in consideration of order data, requested delivery dates of customers and plant capacity utilization
  • OMNITEC’s real-time notification in case of bottlenecks enables fast reaction of the controller
  • Checking the availability of materials via connection to the warehouse management system
  • Complete digital tracking of customer orders from production data acquisition (PDA) to delivery
  • Automated creation of delivery notes and VDA labels after production feedback
  • Softec AG

Quality management for the highest requirements

  • Customer-specific requirements are stored in detailed test plans for each article
  • Documentation of results directly in the system with completeness check (coating thickness measurements, ‘Kesternich’ testing, salt spray tests etc.)
  • Automated generation of test reports for the delivery note
  • Control of gauge maintenance and reminders prior to maturity